1. 70/365

    Takoma Park, Maryland.

  2. 69/365

    Sitting on break taking pictures of the two guys at the bottom, and the guy at the top started yelling at me, trying to get me to take his picture.

  3. 68/365

    Old Mill House in Maryland, crazy how a structure from 1700s still stands 230 some years later.

  4. 67/365

    Construction around the place of work.  It is crazy how fast these things are built.

  5. 66/365

    Out on the town celebrating a buddy’s birthday.

  6. 65/365

    Seem like kids always want to grab anything shiny, I pulled out my camera and first thing he asked was, “Can I take a picture?!”, but instead he got his picture taken!

  7. 64/365

    On top of Ski Whitetail in Pennsylvania.

  8. 63/365

    Sometimes you just have to look up, never know what you are missing.

  9. 62/365

    Abandoned house, after a flood few years back.

  10. 61/365


  11. 60/365

    Tough to see people out on the streets in the Nations Capital.

  12. 59/365

    Taking pictures of the Mini at highway speeds.

  13. 58/365

    Stop over in Albany, New York on the way home from Vermont.  I’ve never been to Albany, but it seems like a nice place to live.  Wish we had more time to explore.

  14. 57/365

    Abandoned shed, after trying to get to the “Rock of Ages” quarry.

  15. 56/365

    Decided to walk out on Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont.  Maybe 30 steps in the ice starts to crack, so we had to hightail it back